Bridal Party
I feel very honored and blessed to have such an incredible bridal party…I can't imagine getting married without each of them up there by my side. Here's a little more info about each of my bridesmaids…


Just wanted to thank these guys for giving up there time to be in our wedding. Truly each of them have played a part in making me who I am and or making Courtney and I who we are. This is why I am so thankful for each of them to be there with us in our wedding.


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Whitney Windham (MOH - Maid of Honor)
How long I've known her: Five and a half years…but it feels like forever

How I met her: I met Whitney my sophomore year in college when I decided to pledge the Alpha Chi Omega sorority (which, by the way, is nothing like the sorority portrayed on Legally Blonde. We met at the Bid Party mixer at Kappa Sig, but didn't really bond until the pledge retreat in Wilmington, NC and we've been best friends ever since…

Why I'm so thankful she is in my wedding: Whitney has been there for me through thick and thin and for that I'm forever grateful. She has always been there cheering me on, listening and encouraging me. She was there during exams, my senior thesis (I have a copy if anyone ever wants to read it…), my boy traumas (before Tom, of course), deciding about graduate school, going to graduate school, meeting Tom, falling in love with Tom, deciding to move to Florida, and now with wedding plans.

A Story about Whitney: My senior of college I volunteered at Liberty Commons Nursing Home in Burlington, North Carolina (about 30 minutes from Chapel Hill) every Friday. One Friday morning, I got up and went to volunteer as usual. Unfortunately, on my way to work my car overheated and I couldn't get it to restart. I didn't have my cell phone with me, so I sat in my car until a friendly officer came by and let me use his phone. I called Whitney at 7:30 in the morning and she drove 20 minutes to come stay with me until my grandfather could pick my car up with a tow truck. I'll never forget that day or my grandfather telling me, "anyone that would drive that far that early in the morning and sit around all day with you is a true friend"…and I agree with him 100%.

Lisa Bogan
How long I've known her: Two years

How I met her: I met Lisa, Tom's younger sister, the same day I met Tom's parents! Tom brought me over to his parents' house in Cary, North Carolina, and I met Lisa and her fiancé, Matt, over dinner.

Why I'm so thankful she is in my wedding: From the first time I met Lisa, she has always made me feel welcome and part of the family. She instantly included in Christmas traditions, Easter egg dying, pumpkin carving, card games, puzzle creating, movies, and everything else! Over the past two years Lisa and I have become good friends and she is the first person I call when I have questions or concerns about Saige. -link to a picture of Saige- What would I do without Lisa, vet tech extraordinaire?

A Story about Lisa: I was honored enough to be one of two people allowed to accompany Lisa as she picked out her wedding gown (she is getting married in May 2005). When we walked in, the designer started to pull out gowns that he felt would look beautiful on Lisa. The minute I saw his third choice, I knew it was the PERFECT dress for Lisa…it fit her personality and sense of style to a tee! After trying on lots of wonderful dresses, Lisa did chose the dress that was perfect for her. And no, I didn't push her into buying the dress…

Karen Injasoulian
How long I've known her: 2 years

How I met her: Karen, Tom's older sister, lives in Michigan with her husband, Steven, so I wasn't able to meet her when I met the rest of Tom's family. I met Karen a few months later at Tom's mom's surprise birthday party. Seeing as though I am the oldest of two brothers and knowing how I felt when I met their girlfriends, I was very nervous about meeting Karen. But, as usual, I was nervous for no reason because Karen is wonderful and we got along almost instantly. In fact, I think Karen and I are a lot alike.

Why I'm so thankful she is in our wedding: I am quickly learning that Karen and I are a lot alike, both the oldest of two siblings, both moved away from home after graduating college, and both love Tom! Karen is extremely caring and generous and I can't wait to get to know her better during our wedding preparations as well as in the years to come.

A Story about Karen: I have never been (not even visited) the North, the furthest North I have been is Washington D.C. Karen lives in Michigan, near Grand Rapids…in a completely different world than I have ever experienced. So, imagine my surprise when Karen pulls out homemade beef jerky (the best beef jerky I have EVER tasted) and a squirrel skin for Saige. : I look forward to Tom and I visiting Karen and her husband, Steve, in Michigan soon, so I can experience Michigan for myself!

Elizabeth Sarazen
How long I've known her: Five and a half years

How I met her: I met Elizabeth, a.k.a. "Ellie" my sophomore year at UNC, while pledging Alpha Chi Omega. One of my first memories (and bonding moments) with Ellie came at our pledge retreat in Wilmington, NC. The first night of our retreat we got to know our pledge sisters by playing a friendly game of "I Never…" and Ellie and I not only learned a lot about each other, we got to be close friends as well.

Why I'm so thankful she is in our wedding: Ellie is and always will be a constant and steady friend. Ellie is always there with a listening ear, open heart, encouraging words, and a big smile. Throughout our friendship, my relationship with Tom, and my move to Florida, Ellie has been extremely thoughtful and supportive. She is always sending notes and letters (with lots of smiley faces!) and I'm extremely grateful for her friendship.

A Story about Elizabeth: Although Ellie and I became friends while pledging Alpha Chi Omega, we really grew close while attending three years worth of Lambda Chi Alpha functions! We went to Luaus, Toga parties, block parties, pajama mixers, informals, formals, and tons of other mixers. I was always thankful to have Ellie to talk to and hang out with at lambda Chi and we definitely bonded over "Magic Carpet Ride!" Who would have thought two sweet, Southern girls would be regulars at a fraternity house? I love you, Ellie!

How long I've known her: 5 and a half years

How I met her: I pledged Alpha Chi Omega my sophomore year at UNC-Chapel Hill. As a "pledge" in the sorority, you get a Big Sis (a member of the pledge class before you) who gives you a lot of gifts and basically takes you under her wing to orient you to the sorority. Although Lizzy is not my Big Sis, I met her through the Big Sis process, and she was friends with my Big Sis.

Why I'm glad she's part of our wedding: Lizzy and I have been close ever since we met, but she was also one of my three roommates my second year of grad school. So, while Lizzy and I were roommates, Tom decided to move to Florida, Tom moved to Florida, I visited Tom in Florida, I decided to turn down a job in North Carolina to move to Florida, and I moved to Florida. Lizzy was always there to listen to me, laugh with me, and encourage me during the highs and lows of that year. I'm so thankful for her friendship and thoughtful gestures.

A Story About Lizzy: As I previously mentioned, Lizzy and I had two other roommates my second year of grad school, Cristin and Amber. Well, amongst the four of us we had one student, one health care administrator, and two elementary school teachers. So, needless to say, we were all very busy and rarely had a night with all four of us around. One day we decided it was high time for us to have dinner together…so we planned a fondue dinner one Sunday night. We had three fondue pots, three recipes, and four hungry girls ready for a night of fun. We had just finished making our cheese fondue recipe and we starting with our chicken broth when the excitement began!

Kris Taylor
How long I've known her: Five and a half years…since the first day of my sophomore year!

How I met her: The day I moved into Cobb Hall my sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill was a family affair. My parents and both of my brothers helped me move in. Not long after we got there we realized we didn't have a few tools we needed, so my youngest brother, Connor, went on the search. He found the tools and Kris right across the hall! Kris and I got along well instantly and have been friends ever since (minus a few bumps in the road, see below!). Sharing Geography 20 didn't hurt either.

Why I'm so thankful she is in my wedding: Kris is one of those friends that you can talk to every day or once every three months and your friendship doesn't skip a beat. Kris and I can pick up right where we left off no matter how long it has been. We share a love for Mexican food that has definitely helped us stay close over the past few years…and over Mexican we have discussed the parallel stages of our life. Graduating, figuring out what to do after college, meeting "the one," falling in love him, entering the real world, and everything else in between.

A Story about Kris: Kris and I share the same beliefs, values, outgoing personality, sense of humor, but we have one major difference (or it seemed major at the time). My sophomore year at UNC I decided to participate in rush and possibly pledge a sorority. Let's just say Kris wasn't a big of fan of sororities and especially sorority girls. In fact, the word "despise" comes to mind. Kris' roommate, Kristen, and I were both participated in rush and of course Kris heard all of the ins and outs of rush. I don't think Kris was convinced pledging a sorority was a good idea, but I pledged Alpha Chi Omega anyway. But, I think I gradually convinced Kris that not all sororities and sorority girls are evil, and not everyone changes after joining a sorority. Can you believe it, Kris? One of your best friends was in a sorority!




Clint Osborn
First met: While I was at UNC over thanksgiving break I was invited to the Wits house for the holiday. Clint was in High school and was introduced to him as a friend of the Wits family. Next time I saw him was about 2 years later standing outside on the corner of one of UNC's south campus dorms, and I just couldn't remember his name. I gave him a ride to Franklin Street and began cutting his hair and eating at Mio's shortly there after.

What about the man: Clint has always been a great friend, never afraid to smack you if you needed it and never afraid of needing you to watch him so he doesn't knock over one of your fish tanks. He is known widely for his toasts and good charm, not to mention his eating habits which were on par with mine. This may be the reason we got to know each other so well. Clint has never been afraid to tell me that an idea of mine was stupid and a waste of time and in the same breath begin helping me to carry any and all of them out.

Right!!!!???...: From workouts at 1am, triathlon training and a mud run in VA Clint has brought on the thunder. I must say one of the most historical wonders has to be the great pumpkin. Here's to the co-founder of The Pumpkin Fest now into its 7th annual celebration., I will now pour one out for my homey.

Richard Mai
First met: I met Richard on the wrestling team while at UNC. I think Richard and I were in the same boat, wanting to wrestle but not wanting to be a 'wrestler.' We must have studied and taken just about every math class at Carolina together and spent even more time together in the library studying for them. Richard and I have been roommates since the beginning, we have pretty much been everywhere and seen it all together.

What about the man: Richard has been a great friend and the best roommate. Richard is the first and foremost expert with all things computers and is bound and determined to win the lottery, a quick hour and a half drive to Georgia to increase his chances is nothing to him. Many thanks to Richard and his know how with Linux which has enabled us to host our website from the computer in the corner of the room..

Right!!!!???...: Richard and I did take a drive for a spur of the moment mud run trip to Blacksburg, VA and stay in the absolute worst place known to man kind in VA. Crack rocks and bars on the windows. That is the trip that changed my thinking on the philosophy, 'cheapest is the best.' We lived for about 2 years without cable, that was a big thing. We had a movie collection that would rival most any.

Anton Zonneveld

First met: Anton has known me the longest, when everyone else was just learning about my propensity for road trips and being just a little mcgyver-ish, Anton was sitting back and saying, "just you wait." I met Anton in high school, I never thought anything good would come out of high school but it did. Anton is always been patient with my 3 weeks late e-mail response and sometimes not at all. He never says anything about it, except for the occasional, "you better get up on that e-mail before I backhand you one."

What about the man: Anton is destined to change the world, whether it be with GE or anyone of his many other ideas it will happen. After high school I went south and he went north, he found himself a degree in engineering and low and behold a wife. I was really honored to be apart of Anton and Julie's wedding last October. They now live in Wisconsin and own a house.

Right!!!!???...: For high school kids this was a big step. One summer we just packed up in my moms little Subaru and road tripped to Ocean City Maryland with just about no money. Stayed in a very seedy place and began the football diaries. Going 3 to 4 days with no money and far away from home would prepare anyone for college.

Jay Barnwell
First met: Again on the wrestling team at UNC, it was at a team outing to Jordan Lake. I didn't want to just sit around there and not eat and I think Jay was thinking the same. We buddied up on some volleyball and brought the smack down on some unsuspecting 10 year olds. We got along instantly, and then when he let me drive his CJ5 it was friends for life.

What about the man: Jay is about the most determined person I know, for better or worse. He kicked major butt in radiology school and landed a sweet job at UNC post graduation. He now is planning on going back to school or taking over the world or something.

Right!!!!???...: Hmmm, where to start? Jay and I have had too many walks home together to 30-C and townhouse apts, too many consoling nights about being rejected, and too many other nights for no reason at all. I finagled an extra pass to park at my apt one year and when Jay needed a place to park he used the pass. That is until the landlord very rudely barged into his jeep reaching past Jay and forcefully took back the pass, nahe…stole the pass back. Rich and I moved the following year.

Chad Duke
First met: Met Chad at Carolina, along with just about most everyone except Anton. Courtney has a close family and I learned that one of her brothers attended Carolina as well. I got to see many of Chad's intramural football games and even had an opportunity to almost get kicked out of his fraternity house for not being a girl.

What about the man: Chad is also majoring in Health Policy Administration and has found himself a wife as well. Chad and Meredith are getting married in June, finally giving me an excuse to sing Oklahoma.

Right!!!!???...: I just think it was funny, I mean I really understand why a guy wouldn't want more guys at they're party. Walking through Chad's fraternity house following Chad, Meredith, and Court I can't remember the guy who tried to stop me from going in, but I do remember Courtney standing up for me and saying I was, "cool."

Connor Duke
First met: I met Connor in the great state of Virginia at Courtney's parent's house. Funny as it may seem, I also have gotten the chance to see a couple of Connor's football games as well. Including some baseball games where Connor had his own cheerleading section… go Connor.

What about the man: Connor graduates this year and is going to East Carolina University, and I'm sure that he will acquire a cheerleading section there as well.

Right!!!!???...: Once in VA at Courts parents' house Connor was so kind as to let me use his Busch Gardens season pass. A baseball hat and maybe 9 years younger I might have been able to pull it off. Court and I got in and had a great time, I think it was because they weren't checking real hard. Thanks for that, Connor…hey, he saved us 40 bucks.